What is a human being?

Western medicine seems to think that people are only collections of biochemical processes.  It ignores certain questions as unanswerable — “What makes a body alive? How does life happen to be?”  Reductionist materialism is the sacred cow of Western science, as though the so-called scientific method, based on Greek philosophy, is somehow the immutable, absolute, and only yardstick for truth.

The result of this reductionist materialism, in medicine, is the use of chemicals to alter biological processes in the human body.  This proceeds from several irrational assumptions: (1) When pathological biochemical processes happen in the body, we have an enemy to fight from the outside in.  (2) The aberrant biochemistry shows that we can’t trust the body’s own intelligence to handle things.  (3) Altering those processes by using pharmaceuticals provides a benefit that outweighs the risks.  (4) “Alternative medicine” can’t be shown to be effective by the “scientific method,” and therefore is quackery.

All of these assumptions can be shown to be fallacious, in light of facts and inquiry.  Human beings are not statistics.  Materialistic medical science, out of linear, causal analysis, produces barbaric methods in comparison to the holistic paradigm based on spherical synthesis and dependent co-arising.  Drugs terribly tax the liver and kidneys and the very systems needed for health and healing, and the negative consequences are often insidious, taking years or decades to slowly kill the victims, with nowhere obvious to put the blame — except that with the diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine, we can see it happening, qualitatively, in real time, even if we can’t stop the madness.  Only realize Hippocrates’ dictum, vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature.  Nourish your body-mind.  Stop attacking the body’s own intelligence.  Understand why it does what it does.  Give it what it needs to heal.  Abandon the chemical madness.

Nearly all people taking daily pharmaceutical medication for years ultimately die of kidney failure — but the cause of death is usually listed as something else, as though the kidney failure is incidental.

Human beings are alive, which is a mystery.  Part of the mystery is the self-healing ability inherent to being alive.  Modern medicine doesn’t trust the body to heal itself.  There is an enemy to attack, and the enemy is our own biochemistry, as though the doctors have more wisdom than the living body.  It’s a type of monkey-mind: we have the power to mess with it, which is really cool, so let’s mess with it.

© 2009, 2016 Kim Bonsteel