Change of the Seasons

This is a great time of year for an herbal consultation or acupuncture visit.  The Chinese way of looking at the seasons puts solar events, the solstices and equinoxes, in the middle of each season instead of the beginning. The transition from summer to fall is about to begin; August 7th is the beginning of “late summer,” and September 7th is the beginning of fall, by traditional Chinese reckoning. The change of the seasons is considered ideal to visit your herbalist and acupuncturist. Because of the extra season, late summer, any time from now until the middle of September is ideal; a visit now helps you better adapt to the seasonal changes and keep your immune system ready to defend you.  It’s wise to take the opportunity and invest in your health!

If you have chronic, long-term health concerns, or more recent, acute conditions, this is also a very good time to undertake a course of treatment.  To help you find a new balance and harmony in your body, we can enlist the changing Qi of the seasons to encourage movement in a good direction.

The 2,300 year old classic of medicine called Simple Questions discusses being in harmony with the seasons, the climate and weather, the whole environment you live in, as well as being in harmony with your family, community, and society.  Then you are a force of nature yourself.