The art of Chinese medicine is a literate, scientific tradition dating back more than 2,400 years. Acupuncture & moxa therapy is one || image: Acupuncture channels or meridians, key to natural health, wellness & longevity, cure of diseases. || of two great, classical medical systems of China; a sophisticated system of herbal medicine is the || image: Chinese herbal pharmacy, drugless healing, like naturopathy, relieve pain and restore health. || other. Each is a complete system of healing in itself. Many practitioners use both, but originally, physicians were either acupuncturists or herbalists. Complete mastery of just one branch of medicine can take a lifetime. Today, graduate schools of Chinese medicine

around the world qualify practitioners in three or four years; new graduates are highly skilled, but in the way of the East, they consider themselves beginners. Classical Chinese medicine || image: Moxa therapy or moxibustion, secret to well-being and longevity, identical to human qi (ki or chi), increase and add energy, insurance of vitality, sexual performance, stop pain. || works with Qi, or life force, to correct imbalances and activate the body's own natural healing ability. The human being is seen as not separate from, but dependent upon, all life; health is seen as the natural state, but is dependent upon balance and harmony with the internal and external environment.

To achieve this, Chinese medicine recommends dietary therapy, healthy activity, and lifestyle changes working together with acupuncture, moxa, herbal medicine, and other adjunctive therapies to restore vitality and well-being. When the causes of disease are corrected, the body and mind heal themselves. (You can find out more about our diagnostic and treatment methods by visiting our FAQ page.)

Mind-body medicine is a relatively new concept in the West, but Chinese medicine has never seen body, mind, and spirit as three different things. As holistic, alternative practices are rising in popularity in the US, Chinese medicine is also rising. The irony is that what is new and alternative medicine here, is the old, standard medicine there.

Today, China has the capability of producing all of our Western drugs, performing all of our surgical procedures, and yet the traditional medicine remains dominant. Why should that be? The Chinese are very practical people. If the traditional medicine wasn't getting results, the Chinese would not be using it. Not only is it less expensive than Western medicine, but in many cases, it works better.

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